WP6 Dissemination and Knowledge exchange

Dissemination of the project results is carried out through this work package. Information exchange with the farming and policy communities is organised via discussion groups and workshops in all partner countries, web-based information and printed materials. This work package makes the farmer decision support tool available in the partner country languages.

This work package develops formats and content for meetings with advisors, farmers and farmer study groups, to be held in all partner countries. Such meetings are linked to field days at selected pilot farms. In addition, each partner country organizes one national workshop on best management practices, for farm advisors, farmer representatives and policy makers.

Dissemination to the broader audience involves publications in scientific journals and trade magazines and web-based materials. Project results will also be made available through direct contact with relevant institutions in non-partner countries within the EU, enabling future dissemination. The decision support tool for farmers (developed in WP4) will be made available in the languages of partner countries.

In 2014, a workshop will be organised for policy makers (EU, partner countries), extension organisations, and farmer representatives from partner countries. This work package concludes with a synthesis of the dissemination experiences.

Through its partners, the Catch-C project is in touch with a large number of study groups, farmer organisations, extension organisations and local agri-environment schemes. The European farmers body COPA-COGECA is represented in the project’s advisory panel. Up to now (by January 2014), Catch-C participants carried out or participated in about 200 events of dissemination. These ranged from talks to small groups to field days with 100 or more farmers.

WP6 is led by Horst Steinmann.