WP1 Coordination and management of the project

WP1 is the coordination and management component of the project. It includes monitoring of progress towards deliverables and milestones, preparation of project meetings, delivering progress reports and facilitating the internal and external communication.


Catch-C project management structure.


CATCH-C is carried out by 12 contractual Partners. These are bound by the Grant Agreement (towards the Commission), and by a Consortium Agreement between the contractual partners.

Overall project management is the responsibility of the Project Coordinator (PC).

The Executive Board consists of the work packages leaders and is chaired by the Project Coordinator. It is accountable to the General Assembly. The executive board helps to monitor and advance scientific progress, to enhance the scientific integration of the project and the collaboration across work packages. It prepares the decisions to be taken by the General Assembly.

Operational management of each work package (WP) is the responsibility of the Work Package Leaders. He/she facilitates the interactions with other WPs here needed. Work package leaders assist the PC in preparing progress reports and final reporting to the EC.

The General Assembly is the decision making body of the CATCH-C Consortium. It consists of one representative per partner. Its tasks include supervising the project, deciding on significant changes to the work plan, work package structure and the use of finances. It also decides on the incorporation of new partners.

The Advisory Board consists of international soils experts from Europe. The Boards role is to advise on improving the scientific performance of the project, on user involvement, and on dissemination of project results towards the farming and policy communities. The Advisory Board meets annually.

Overview of Catch-C Work Packages.

WP1 is led by Hein ten Berge.