The Catch-C project assesses the farm-compatibility of ‘Best Management Practices’ (BMPs) that aim to promote productivity, climate change mitigation, and soil quality.

Information collected on current management will be spatially organised with the help of a typology of the main farm types and agro-ecological zones across Europe. Biophysical impacts of management practices will be assessed from a large set of current field experiments by the partners. BMPs will be formulated, along with their trade-offs and synergies between productivity, climate change mitigation, and soil quality. The project will identify barriers against adoption and formulate ways to remove these. In interaction with policy makers, Catch-C will develop guidelines for policies that will support the adoption of BMPs and that are consistent with regional, agro-ecological and farming contexts.

Project results will be disseminated through scientific publication, discussions with farmers and policy makers, making information about BMPs and their adoption available to a wider audience, and stimulating awareness about the pros and cons of BMPs for different farm types and environments in participant countries.

The project CATCH-C (Grant Agreement N° 289782) is co-funded by the European Commission, Directorate General for Research & Innovation, within the 7th Framework Programme of RTD, Theme 2 – Biotechnologies, Agriculture & Food. The views and opinions expressed in this website are purely those of the writers and may not in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position of the European Commission.